Be a smart homebuyer

Buying a new home to settle or invest in is one of life’s most exciting lifestyle formations – not to mention a huge financial commitment. It may look enticing to finally be able to jump into the property ladder by buying a new property but it is important that you are on the lookout for several things to avoid being in a financial trouble.

While the property‚Äôs kerb look, its selling price, and where it’s located are the first few things you’ll have to inspect, there is more to it than what have to look for. Keeping an eye on the structure itself and the exterior and interiors details are as important to make sure you won’t be footing the bill for a big maintenance and repair job that your seller could have taken care of before agreeing on a deal.

Find A Property In An Excellent Area

It has been a principle for as long as anyone can remember – location, location, location.

Remember that the value of the property you’re looking to buy and maybe eventually resell depends on the establishments around the area. The quality of schools, offices, and commercial centres directly affect how much the house is sold for.

A convenient commute to the places you need to go to regularly should also be on top of your list to consider. The property should e accessible to transport and places like schools, your place of work, church, shopping centre, government agency offices, petrol stations, and banks.

Also, check if the property you wish to buy is conducive to focusing on work that you need to do at home. If you have children, it should also be conducive to learning. Besides that, check the neighbourhood to see if you’ll be safe and secure in the area.

How The Property Is Built Matters

When you’re certain about the location, the next thing you’ll have to do is inspect the property. Make time for a viewing with the estate agent with you. Aside from being able to show you around and give you the details of the property, viewing will also enable you to check out how the house is constructed.

Also, check out the reputation of the property’s builder to have an idea how good the house is or not.

You will also have to carefully inspect and keenly ask about the entire structure. Inspect for any damp walls, water control, roof and floor work, and other parts of the structure to see if you’ll have any maintenance and repair issues.

When you’re done with how the house is built and maintained, see for how much space you’re going to have. You need to have enough rooms for everyone. The number of bathrooms should also be enough for the number of dwellers in the house. Check the living, dining and kitchen area, and also, see if you’ll have a small lounge or deny that you can convert into a study space or an extra sleeping are for guests.

Check Out What’s Inside

Besides the structure, what’s inside the property will matter as much to your comfort and living convenience. So, when doing your viewing, carefully inspect the fixtures, electrical switches, built-in appliances, heating equipment, insulation, plumbing, and other installed stuff. make sure that they all work properly and will need minimal repair. Replacing anything that’s not working prior to buying is going to be very expensive for you. That includes even the paint job.

The important thing here is to do your homework – asking around, searching the internet for details, and carefully going through the viewing before going through the paperwork. Doing such will give you a good idea of what you’re buying and help you settle in with the least amount of trouble as possible. Investing in well maintained house in a great location will also help you with your future investment plans – like possibly releasing your home’s equity for a business loan or renting it out.